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I'll Protect You, Even If You Hate Me
(what are friends for?)
11th-Dec-2020 01:08 pm - ooc
This is a spot for complaints, comments, critique, the like. I'll just warn you, though, I will justify my actions as a mun, and if I get something that just seems like player-hate, I'll delete it. Other than that, if you don't feel like commenting here, my aim is xnikkernoodlex, and my e-mail is nikki.nudelman@gmail.com. Thanks! ♥

Doumeki Shizuka monsterepellant
Kurogane ninja_ing
30th-Apr-2020 12:21 am - Negative Arrow
Current Apartment Roommates: Watanuki Kimihiro, Hanna F. Cross, {...}, Wolfwood, Timothy

[This is a thread for any and all apartment interactions. Considering how many people live in Apartment 12, rooms 104 and 106, there's plenty of time for open interaction, yes? So anyone either living in these two apartments, or someone who knows the people in these apartments and would be visiting are welcome to post here. All threads below are open.]
28th-Apr-2020 12:34 am - Flower Shop
[this is a general interaction post for Ajisai flowers. People currently working at Ajisai are: Doumeki and Hanna]
19th-Aug-2010 06:02 pm - Non-Arrow - Phone Contact
contemplative stare

You've reached Doumeki Shizuka, as well as the order line for Ajisai Flowers. Leave your name and how to reach you after the tone, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

[ooc: because bandwagons are fun |D Private phone conversations, texts, and e-mails go here ♥ Nokia tablet-cellphone ftw 8D]
16th-May-2010 12:41 pm - Final Arrow
with him

It seems...I'm heading home now. I don't think I'll be coming back this time.
30th-Apr-2010 04:36 pm - Three Hundred and Sixteenth Arrow
shut up
[voice post]

[Doumeki actually sounds mildly agitated. He's pissed 8|]

Whoever took my photo album, I want it back.


[ooc: tags are going to be sloooooooow and probably backdated >>]
17th-Apr-2010 09:32 am - Three Hundred and Fifteenth Arrow
pointing at you with a fork
Fai-sensei, I have a question about the homework. Also Hanna is sick and won't be coming to class today. I said I'd pick up his homework.

Oi, hurry up. I don't want to be late.

[ooc: Doumeki is Genre Switch cursed. High School AU FTW. So if he refers to you as a friend from school, that's why. PS tags will be slow]
7th-Apr-2010 10:44 pm - Three Hundred and Fourteenth Arrow
make the stupid stop earplug
...I dislike this curse. Quite a bit. I recommend that people don't look at the pictures.

[ooc: backdated to earlier because today was fail for me >> Doumeki's pictures are here]
23rd-Mar-2010 12:06 pm - Three Hundred and Thirteenth Arrow

...three years to the date.


It's a nice day out. A picnic might be good.

[ooc: If you know him well, you'll notice Doumeki is kind of mopey today. If you don't, then he'll just be plain ol' Doumeki XD]
12th-Mar-2010 05:49 pm - Three Hundred and Twelfth Arrow
The flower shop's closin' in a couple hours. Anyone who needs me after that, you know where to find me.

[Filtered to Buttons and Bearcat]

I'm hung up at the joint tonight, so help me keep this night from bein' a flat tire, huh?


[ooc: Doumeki's bartender thread is here if you'd like to come visit him o/ if he knows you, he'll probably give you some sort of nickname.]
3rd-Mar-2010 11:50 pm - Three Hundred and Twelfth Arrow
[accidental voice post]

[let's start this off with the sound of footsteps, and a door opening] Oi, Watanuki--

[pause...and then more footsteps] ....oi. Where are you? [doors opening, footsteps--it seems like he's searching, perhaps]


[and then the sound of quickly receeding footsteps and the slam of a door--the post cuts out]

[/voice post]
28th-Feb-2010 05:34 pm - Three Hundred and Tenth Arrow
what's that look for?
I'm thinking of going to the park. Does anyone play soccer?

Watanuki, Ishida, Tatsuki, Timothy, Umi-san, Fuu-san and Hikaru-chan at least. That's four on four. Perhaps also Konta, Inoue, Rukia...maybe Yuuko-san. Though that might be strange. But she does play baseball, so who knows. I don't think I can see Clow-san ever playing soccer. Maybe a bottle of alcohol would at least lure them there. If people invite their friends, it could be more than four on four, and that would work better. I'll have to see who responds.

[ooc: Oh, he's affected. Italics are thoughts--he doesn't know that they're there.]
19th-Feb-2010 11:23 am - Three Hundred and Nineth Arrow
what's that look for?
It's been an interesting month.

Also, this weekend, Ajisai will be having a sale: 50% off all potted plants, including bonsai, tiger lilies, ginger plants, and orchids.

Viewable to Ishida and Tatsuki

I haven't had miso mackerel soup in a while.

[ooc: Yeaaaaaaaaaaaah feel free to assume Doumeki was places with whatever his friends were up to, because iFail >>]
12th-Dec-2009 01:56 pm - Three Hundred and Seventh Arrow
[Accidental Video Post]

[sadly, for Doumeki, he hasn't QUITE realized that, once again, his device is on. Or that it's that fun curse day where mistletoe sprouts from the ceiling. Great. Fabulous. But when this video comes on, he's sitting on the couch with that guitar again. He's farther along in the book than before, and actually starting to play some songs.]

[ooc: action for roommates, journal for all else]
22nd-Nov-2009 12:02 pm - Three Hundred and Sixth Arrow
child - kimono
[voice post]

[oddly it's a young child's voice]
Hello again City. I'm looking for Rosette-chan or Autor-chan or Vash-san or Yuuko-san or Watanuki-san or Ishida-san please. Or if my Grandfather is here, I'm looking for him, too.

Thank you.

[ooc: Timothy pushed the button, so you get...chibi!Doumeki. For roommates, he's just wandering out of his bedroom at this post.]
4th-Nov-2009 06:35 pm - Three Hundred and Fifth Arrow
...It's quiet around here.

[Filtered to friends EXCEPT ISHIDA//unhackable]

For those of you that know Ishida, his birthday is on the 6th. We should have a party.
30th-Oct-2009 11:59 pm - Three Hundred and Fourth Arrow
uh...wtf is wrong with you
...Hello again, everyone. Happy Halloween.
29th-Oct-2009 01:37 pm - Three Hundred and Third Arrow
[Filtered to roommates/friends]

Oi. Let's go pick out pumpkins to carve.

[ooc: If you're not sure about the friend list, check his profile o/]
18th-Oct-2009 08:03 pm - Three Hundred and Second Arrow
[Video Post]

It's rather clear that this is an accidental post. It kinda fades in, and at an odd angle, like it's tilted a couple degrees to the right.

Doumeki's currently sitting on the couch. On the consul table in front of him sits an open book. Next to him is his cat, curled on the couch. It's a thin book, open to the first or second page. In his lap is a guitar. Yes, a guitar. He looks back and forth from the neck of the guitar to the book, fingers placed, trying to get the chord right. He strums--it sounds pretty awkward, but the chord is there. Mostly.]

[ooc: Action for roommates, journal for all else.]
27th-Sep-2009 12:23 pm - Three Hundred and First Arrow
Tatsuki, where are y--

Memory Theater - Cut not ICCollapse )


[ooc: I was going to do something more extensive, but it would take way too long, and I want to get this out here. This is the short version. Not everything's here, obviously, and I cut out a LOT of things, but here you go. Kudos to you if you get through all of this. It's just over four pages. You get an internet cookie. XD More next month]
17th-Sep-2009 12:45 pm - Three Hundredth Arrow
Watching your friends come and go and forget can really mess with you over time.

[ooc: Thought this was fitting for Doumeki's 300th post. The big fat elephant in the room that no one wants to mention or think about, especially Doumeki >> Placeholder of sorts; I'll be in and out a lot today]
7th-Sep-2009 09:20 pm - Two Hundred and Ninety-Nineth Arrow
[filtered to the Shonen Club; unhackable]

Oi. Hikaru-chan wanted to cook for us tonight. You have to come help me get dinner and bring it over.

Also, Rain's moving in.
7th-Sep-2009 07:58 am - Two Hundred and Ninety-Eigth Arrow
That was an interesting week. Are you guys back to normal?

[Flower Shop Filter - (Ahiru, Inoue-san, Sakura-chan, Sakura-hime, Ling)]

Everyone, Inoue Orihime-san will be working with us from now on.

Ling, I have a couple large bags of fertilizer I need help with. Sakura-chan, Sakura-hime; would you mind taking care of the tiger lilies? Ahiru, I'd like to have Inoue-san shadow you today to learn the basics of the shop.


Private to Watanuki//unhackableCollapse )
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